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Focus Group Meeting
The Agenda for the upcoming FG Meeting on Technology Convergence on September 14, 2010 in Paris is now published.
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Body Scanners
On June 15, 2010 the European Commission published a communication on "body scanners" between the EC and the European Parliament.
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HIDE – Homeland Security, Biometric Identification & Personal Detection Ethics

HIDE FP7 Projects Dynamic Database:

  • 4DVIDEO - 4DVideo: 4D spatio-temporal modelling of real-world events from video streams
  • ACTIBIO - Unobtrusive authentication using activity related and soft biometrics
  • ACTOR - ACcelerate Trust in digital life Organisation and Relations
  • ADABTS - Automatic Detection of Abnormal Behaviour and Threats in crowded Spaces
  • ADDPRIV - Automatic Data relevancy Discrimination for a PRIVacy-sensitive video surveillance
  • AMASS - Autonomous maritime surveillance system
  • ANASID - Analysing Social Interactions at a Distance
  • APIDIS - Autonomous production of images based on distributed sensing
  • BBFOR2 - Bayesian biometrics for forensics
  • CAPER - Collaborative information, Acquisition, Processing, Exploitation and Reporting for the prevention of organised crime
  • CLOVISEN - Cross-layer optimization for visual sensor networks
  • COPRA - Comprehensive European Approach to the Protection of Civil Aviation
  • CPSI - Changing perceptions of security and interventions
  • CRESCENDO - Coordination action on Risks, Evolution of threatS and context assessment by an Enlarged Network for r&D rOadmap
  • DEMASST - Security of critical infrastructures related to mass transportation
  • DETECTER - Detection technologies, terrorism, ethics and human rights
  • DIGIDEAS - Social and ethical aspects of digital identities. Towards a value sensitive identity management
  • DIGITAL.ME - Integrated Userware for the Intelligent, Intuitive, and Trust-Enhancing Management of the User s Personal Information Sphere in Digital and Social Environments
  • EFFISEC - Efficient integrated security checkpoints
  • EGAIS - The Ethical GovernAnce of emergIng technologieS New Governance Perspectives for Integrating Ethics into Technical Development Projects and Applications
  • EIW3R - The Ethics of Information Warfare: Risks, Rights and Responsibilities
  • ELSAIDTCGT - Ethical, legal, and social aspects and implications of direct-to-consumer genetic testing
  • ETHICAL - Promoting international debate on ethical implications of data collection, use and retention for biometric and medical applications
  • ETHICSWEB - Inter-connected European information and documentation system for ethics and science: European ethics documentation centre
  • ETICA - Ethical issues of emerging ICT applications
  • EU-SEC II - Coordinating national research programmes and policies on security at major events in Europe
  • EUCONRES - A European approach to conflict resolution? institutional learning and the ESDP
  • EUCRIMINALSECURITY - The Criminal Regulatory Network for Private Security Companies: European and International Perspectives
  • EURECNET - European Research Ethics Committees' Network
  • EUSECON - A new agenda for European security economics
  • GEST - Global Ethics in Science and Technology
  • GINI-SA - Global Identity Networking of Individuals - Support Action
  • HBP - Human Brain Project
  • HIDE - Homeland security, biometric identification and personal detection ethics
  • ICTETHICS - ICTethics. An interdisciplinary approach for addressing ethical, social and legal aspects of ICT
  • IDETECT4ALL - Novel intruder detection & authentication optical sensing technology
  • IMSK - Integrated mobile security kit
  • INDECT - Intelligent information system supporting observation, searching and detection for security of citizens in urban environment
  • INEX - Converging and conflicting ethical values in the internal/external security continuum in Europe
  • LAST - Large scale privacy - Preserving technology in the digital world - Infrastructure and applications
  • MOBIO - Mobile Biometry
  • MOSAIC - Multi-Modal Situation Assessment & Analytics Platform
  • MUSIS - Multispectal terahertz, infrared, visible imaging and spectroscopy
  • MUTIVIS - Multispectal terahertz, infrared, visible imaging and spectroscopy
  • NORDIA - Non-Rigid Shape Reconstruction and Deformation Analysis
  • OPERAMAR - An interooperable approach to the European union maritime security management
  • PASS - Privacy architectures for system services
  • PATS - Privacy awareness through security branding
  • PERSEUS - Protection of European seas and borders through the intelligent use of surveillance
  • PHM-ETHICS - Personalized health monitoring
  • PHM-ETHICS - Personalized health monitoring
  • PRACTIS - Privacy - Appraising challenges to technologies and ethics
  • PRESCIENT - Privacy and emerging fields of science and technology: Towards a common framework for privacy and ethical assessment
  • PRIMELIFE - Privacy and identity management in Europe for life
  • PRISM - Privacy-aware Secure Monitoring
  • PROMETHEUS - Prediction and interpretation of human behaviour based on probabilistic structures and heterogeneous sensors
  • RISE - Rising pan-European and International awareness of biometrics and Security ethics
  • RTD - RTD: Real-Time Delivery for Sensor Networks in Unpredictable Environments
  • SAMURAI - Suspicious and abnormal behaviour monitoring using a network of cameras & sensors for situation awareness enhancement
  • SAPIENT - Supporting fundamentAl rights, PrIvacy and Ethics in surveillaNce Technologies
  • SEARISE - Smart Eyes: Attending and recognizing instances of salient events
  • SECTRONIC - Security system for maritime infrastructures, ports and coastal zones
  • SENIOR  - Social ethical and privacy needs in ICT for older people: A dialogue roadmap
  • SEPIA - Secure, Embedded Platform with advanced Process Isolation and Anonymity Capabilities
  • SEREN - Security research ncp network - phase 1
  • SFLY - Swarm of micro flying robots
  • SMART - Scalable Measures for Automated Recognition Technologies
  • SMARTENC - Smart Video Encoders for Wireless Surveillance Networks
  • SNAPS - Social Networks: Algorithms, Privacy, and Security
  • SUBITO - Surveillance of unattended baggage and the identification and tracking of the owner
  • TABULARASA - Trusted Biometrics under Spoofing Attacks
  • TACO - Threedimensional Adaptive Camera with Object Detection and Foveation
  • TALOS - Transportable autonomous patrol for land border surveillance
  • TASS - Total Airport Security System
  • TECHNOLIFE - a Transdisciplinary approach to the emerging challenges of novel technologies: Lifeworld and imaginaries in foresight and ethics
  • TERATOP - Terahertz Photonic Imager on Chip
  • TURBINE - Trusted revocable biometric identities
  • VANAHEIM - Video/Audio Networked surveillance system enhAncement through Human-cEntered adaptIve Monitoring
  • VIDEOSENSE - Virtual Centre of Excellence for Ethically-guided and Privacy-respecting Video Analytics
  • VISION - Video-oriented UWB-based Intelligent Ubiquitous Sensing
  • VPH-SHARE - Virtual Physiological Human: Sharing for Healthcare - A Research Environment
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